Got a general question?

Here are some we’re most commonly asked.

I’ve heard architects are difficult to work with. Is that true?

Not at Mode 3. We enjoy collaborating with our clients, including contractors and engineers. In fact, we see ourselves as service providers, checking our egos at the door and committing to long-term partnerships. It’s what keeps our clients coming back.

What does Mode 3 mean?

Our mode, or manner of doing, is founded on three basic principles: quality, collaboration and innovation.

What’s your process?

From beginning to end, our process can be summed up by these steps:

  • We meet to get to know you, your goals, and your budget. 
  • We develop a concept to achieve your goals that you approve of and make sure it passes regulatory standards.
  • We fill in details related to building systems that will allow the project to perform as expected.
  • Then, we prepare a detailed set of construction documents that clearly define the scope of work to contractors in order to develop an accurate price for construction, and that demonstrates to the authority having jurisdiction how the project conforms to regulations.
  • As the project is constructed, we work with the client’s construction team to ensure the intent for the project is carried out in conformance with the construction documents.

Do you work on smaller projects, like single-family homes?

Though we primarily focus on larger projects, we’re happy to offer advice and help point you in the right direction, even for smaller projects.