Service. Then art.

Architects create fully realized structures where people live, work, and thrive out of thin air. Sure, our work should look incredible. But we’re also dedicated stewards of clients’ needs, deadlines, budgets, and the public’s safety.

In fact, the best measures of our success are the repeat business and referrals we receive from clients.
Here’s what you can expect:


Mode 3’s biggest priorities are ensuring that we design your project responsibly—always with constructibility, cost and schedule in mind—and that our documents are accessible and understandable. Because when the construction phase proceeds smoothly, the client and contractor are happy. That makes us happy, too.


We interact closely with you to ensure we understand your goals and develop a plan that’s responsive to all we’ve learned. We communicate the plan clearly and are always receptive to suggestions. We also appreciate and collaborate with tradespeople on job sites, learning about the tools and techniques they use in order to better inform our design effort.


We’ve built our practice by starting with tried-and-true methods, then striving for continual improvement. Construction techniques, building materials, design tools, codes, regulations and building systems all evolve over time. We pay close attention to construction details, carefully studying ways to improve your project in terms of efficiency, cost and schedule. As a result, we get positive feedback from contractors regularly.